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February 25, 2009

Master Obama

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February 10, 2009

Seems that timb ...

... is one of the people who enthusiastically responded to Judy Warner's inquiry

The other night I dreamt of Barack Obama. He was taking a shower right when I needed to get into the bathroom to shave my legs, and then he was being yelled at by my husband, Max, for smoking in the house. [...]

The other day a friend of mine confided that in the weeks leading up to the election, the Obamas’ apparent joy as a couple had made her just miserable. Their marriage looked so much happier than hers. [...]

I figured that my friend and I couldn’t possibly be the only ones dreaming, brooding or otherwise obsessing about the Obamas. Were other people, I wondered, being possessed by our new first family? [...]

Many women — not too surprisingly — were dreaming about sex with the president. [...]

Timb (and some of the reporters at the "press conference") demonstrates it isn't only women fantasizing about sex with the president.

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Analysis of first President Obama press conference

Garbage served on fine china is still garbage.

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February 08, 2009


Oh, good, got your attention!

In case you haven't heard, the 778 page Pork-o-Rama bill is on the fast track to being rammed through the Senate before any of us hoi poloi are allowed to see it.

Obama is getting a bit hysterical about that. I mean, he loved saying ...

“We are going to ban all earmarks, the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review.”*
before He huffed in front of fellow spread-the-wealth-authoritarians Democrats ...
“Some critics … contend the bill is full of pet projects. When was the last time that we saw a bill of this magnitude move out with no earmarks in it? Not one.”*
Wow, that little wire holding up the halo over the plaster messiah is slipping a bit, eh?

Goodness, I don't like the Pork Bill ... I guess that makes me unpatriotic!

The One's expectations of proper attitude from us over the jump ...

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