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February 10, 2009

Analysis of first President Obama press conference

Garbage served on fine china is still garbage.

Posted by Darleen at February 10, 2009 06:16 AM


OMG!!! Darleen didn't like the press conference! What a surprise. Actual KABC transcript attached below:

"In local news, a local SoCal political hack/blogger, who hates Obama, didn't like his answers at a press conference.

"Darleen Click of the eponymous website, took turns absurdly taking short hand rhetoric literally and literal quotes out of context, to stoke her ever-growing rage at an administration in power less than three weeks. She, as usual, defended herself by saying some lefty somewhere hated George W. Bush and that hatred vindicated her every gutter instinct toward the new President.

Shockingly, that was the same exact rationale THOSE lefties used when they attacked W...i.e., that the conservative of the 1990's produced the Clinton Chronicles, turned a non-existent scandal involving a defunct real estate venture into a perjury trap for extra-marital affairs, and initiated a virtual coup.

"Of course, Ms. Click ignores this argument as she complains about spending with the new found zeal of Colonel Renault leaving Rick's illegal casino and claiming shock.

"In other news, Darleen remains consistent in her inconsistency and it rained yesterday..."

Posted by: timb at February 10, 2009 06:37 AM


When at 5:07 Obama claimed there was not ONE earmark in the $870 billion pork-o-rama bill it was over.

Add to that his charge that Republicans want to "blow up public schools" ... (ironic from an Ayers associate, eh?)

Not a thing of substance in that "press conference".

get over yourself ... 48% of Americans didn't vote for the Messiah.

Posted by: Darleen at February 10, 2009 06:41 AM

Not that I imagine you would be correct on almost anything, but 100 minus 53 does not equal 48.

Since you've returned, could you explain my contempt of the right wing godbothers is assumed to originate with Obama? You were wrong long before he ever wrote or did anything.

Finally, are you aware "earmarks" is more than just a term John McCain sputtered every ten minutes during the last campaign? It's an actual legislative document and it does not exist for this bill. Without the document, there are no earmarks.

Personally, I'm uncomfortable with that bit of legalese, because, you may be wrong and reflexively spouting the word "earmark" like you have Tourette's, but what you mean is that the bill is full of pork. So, Obama's claim is a bit of a dodge. Then again, it would be as impossible to please you as it would be to write an 800 billion dollar package to build things without naming the places where things should be built.

As for the "blowing up public schools." I expect better here than warmed over Collins. Warmed over Goldstein, sure, but Collins is a half-wit.

In any event the Republican jihad against the Department of Education, the NEA, and in favor of vouchers to cripple public schools is widely known. I apologize on behalf of the President for his future use of rhetoric and short-hand which angers you.

In other news, good to have you back. We may not agree on...well, anything, but at least you allow me to hang out and debate. Even though I probably won't mention this again, I do appreciate your tolerance on the subject.

Posted by: timb at February 10, 2009 05:03 PM