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January 04, 2009

Barely into 2009 and Mandy's off her meds again ...

... and she's listening to the voices in her head ... (lord knows, there's plenty of space to play in there).

The problem with teenage sexuality for right wingers is not that they’re too young per se, it’s that most kids will have to try on a few partners before they find one that fits well, and this sexual and romantic experimentation is what’s considered a problem. So the solution is clearly to make sure that kids who have sex get tied to their first partner through a baby, and preferably through marriage and a baby. Because fuck those kids; they don’t deserve happiness when so many of adults are grouchy and unfulfilled.

The Palins, you see, have assaulted poor li'l Mandy. Mandy finds it impossible to reconcile that Inauthentic Women can hold that teenagers would be better off not having sex and/or avoiding pregnancy yet actually be loving, supportive and even happy (!!!) when a healthy baby is born. Such a reasonable, moral, adult stance is causing the poor dear to engage in dark, muttering conspiracies about what RightWingers Really Really Think About Teh Sex!!

Excuse me while I stop clutching my pearls.

It doesn't take much to set Mandy off into the throes of straw-doll making of Inauthentic Women(tm) but it certainly did help that Jodi Jacobson at Reality Check [heh.] should base her own Palin smears on an oft-repeated equivocation

Yet the situation is also full of irony. Bristol grew up in a family which espoused abstinence-only policies, not just as a familial choice, but also a state- and national strategy.
No, Governor Palin did not and does not
“I’m pro-contraception, and I think kids who may not hear about it at home should hear about it in other avenues."
Again, such reasonableness about public school sex-ed -- be age appropriate, stress abstinence, cover contraceptives, leave off the outlier explicit sex practices -- doesn't fit with the cartoon of non-leftist women as a bunch of frigid, sex-hating breeders in total thrall to wife-beating footsoldiers of The Patriarchy(tm).

Parenting is like teaching a skill, be it sewing, cooking, or building a house. There are basic, sound standards to learn and rules to follow. If one is going to build a home, whether it is a contemporary ranch or Victorian revival, a sound foundation is required, know how to use a level, do math correctly, etc. The same approach is what good parents, including RightWinger parents, do when raising children to become responsible adults and partners in solid relationships. When our loved ones make honest mistakes, we still love them, support them and get them back on the road. Teh Sex is all part and parcel of life and relationships and really a great, warm, fun, bring-us-closer part. But it is only part and doesn't exist in a vacuum where it becomes some political flag of authentication.

It is amusing to observe the style of emo-ing that wants to ban McDonalds being sold to kids, fire any school admin that allows Coca-Cola on campus but defends the "right" of 13 year old girls to get abortions without their parent(s) knowledge.

And it does come down to abortion. Not the act itself, but the iconic political position it occupies for many of the Authentic Womyn set. Certainly poor Mandy's own incoherencies and hallucinations about RightWinger Sex(tm) spring from her own issues

I called my sometimes-boyfriend, my inconstant lover and told him I was probably pregnant. I wanted him to offer to pay for the abortion. He offered instead to marry me.

I nearly threw the phone against the wall.

What can be said of a person who pitches a fit that the first reaction of her boyfriend was NOT "Hey, let's just suck out that problem." Heavens! How dare there be any consequence to fucking! How dare a male act like more than a carbon-based vibrator and not be my mind-reader at the same time!!! Hufff!!! PUFFF!!!

Really, the only "grouchiness" in view here is Mandy's.

Us RightWingers? We are too busy having fun and sex.

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