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April 12, 2007

Sure, fire Don Imus

But make it part of a mass firing that rids the airways of rap "artists", standup comedians and most actors, directors and screenwriters.

Jaysus on a Pony, shut up already.

While I was aware of the name "Don Imus", I wouldn't have even recognized his voice if someone played a clip of of it until this week. He could be one of the biggest filthy cranks in the US and he just never was on my radar. But I find this whole "outrage" way out-of-proportion.

And the biggest clue to a manufactured circus comes with the high profile of the usual race-hustlers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ...

... two reprobates significantly absent from the airwaves ONLY where it concerns their overdue apologies to the innocent Duke players.

If sponsors want to remove their money from his show, it is their right, just as it is the right of any station to refuse to carry it.

But I'm trying to figure out the angle here. There is no proportionality here.

What is Hillary and others really trying to accomplish?

Ah heck, Imus should have just acted like Rosie "fire doesn't melt steel" O'Donnell and blamed 9/11 on Bush and the people histrionic over Imus' indecent utterance not only wouldn't have batted an eye, but would be screaming "censorship!" over any resultant criticism.


Posted by Darleen at April 12, 2007 12:33 PM


Totally agree, Darleen.

I personally can't stand Imus in the first place, but fer Chrissakes, this is so stupid it's almost comedy. Almost.

Anyway, Imus is more "nappy-headed" than any of those women on the basketball team. I saw his scary hair in a hatless photo the other day.

BUT..one might as well just stop watching teevee and listening to the radio and reading the internets, though, if you don't want to accidentally be exposed to stupid remarks. Better yet, all the perpetually outraged should become cloistered nuns and monks. Can't risk hearing insulting words!

I'm sick of people (especially the two most ridiculous race-baiting racists, the "Reverends" Jackson and Sharpton) being hypocritical crybabies. It's bullshit. Why those two--or anyone who makes a career out of whining and/or divisiveness--have any credibility with anyone is a complete mystery to me.

Posted by: Beth at April 12, 2007 02:55 PM

well I am shocked to see that cbs fired him--cbs owns most the recored labels that hire alot of the rappers who do nothing but degrade black woman, and i am sure most of the basketball team have a few abluns of all the rappers=but what is said about that!! This is the fault of all the wealthy white men who own or run the stations=they are just worried about there pockets getting thinner--not about what is right or wrong==and that sharpton=he is the most racist, bigot person i have every listen to---what is wrong with this country--no free speech any longer==I think that every person with any thought process should boycott staple, gmc,and all the companies that pulled because of this with Imus==then they will see where there money comes from

Posted by: liz at April 12, 2007 04:25 PM

I am no Imus fan, not at all. But this has me so ticked off.
They are not going to stop with Imus just watch. This has given them more power to go after people that ARE good, people like Rush and others.
They have been gloating about what they have done to Imus now for days. The whole thing is dangerous what they have done.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 15, 2007 08:02 AM

What are those Rutgers girls at? Don’t they know that Imus is a shock jock. That's what he does for a living, for Crissakes. He shocks people. He insults people. He uses slang; he uses the ‘N’ word among others. That’s how he gets his ratings. It’s his bread and butter; his meat and drink.

Anyway there’s no reason for college athletes to feel insulted and hurt just because of what Imus said. Yes, he called them ‘nappy headed ho’s’ but so what. Why should a group of college very good female athletes care one way or another what some shock jock says about them. Each one of those girls are worth a billion Imus's. Same goes for Limbaugh , Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity or anyone else putting out that scummy stuff they do.

Those players out to get back to playing ball and stop acting like so many victims. Nobody is forcing them to listen to Imus.

And give Don Imus his job back; just require him to offer a warning or sorts, at the beginning of his program. And stop with the victimism. Victimization does nobody any good and shutting up someone you don’t happen to like doesn’t do much for free speech either.

Shouldn’t free speech be protected?

Posted by: Carl W. Goss at April 15, 2007 08:26 PM