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August 12, 2006

IDF reaches Litani River


JERUSALEM - Israeli army units reached the Litani River on Saturday, less than 24 hours after the government ordered an operation to march toward the river in a final push against entrenched Hezbollah guerrillas, Israel Radio reported.

The units were part of a massive force that flooded into Lebanon, trying to seize as much territory as possible before a U.N. cease-fire comes into effect. The objective was to control southern Lebanon up to the Litani River, about 18 miles from the Israeli border, before handing over the area to the Lebanese army and U.N. troops.

Nothing less then the complete destruction of the Hezzi-nazis is acceptable -- even the UN "ceasefire" calls for their disarming and an arms embargo, something that Nasrallah is indicating he won't agree to:
Hizbullah would not cease its actions against "the Zionist enemy." We will continue to "fulfill our national and jihadic obligations."
Remember, Jihad in German is Mein Kampf.

Iran and Syria have cooperated to fund and supply the Hezzi-nazis. So let's not hear anymore of the canards coming from the anti-Israel Left about how "religious" Islamists would NEVER be in league with "secular" Islamists (recall that Saddam's support of Islamist, like Arab-Palestinian suicide bombers has never penetrated the Left's "thinking" process).

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Posted by Darleen at August 12, 2006 10:06 AM


- The "advance to the rear", cut and run cowards, have a thinking process. When did that happen?

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at August 12, 2006 05:04 PM