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August 20, 2008

Breaking news: Experts shocked!

Two parents better than one

Research shows that in most families, Dad tends to be the rule-breaker, mess-maker, risk-taker, while Mom provides the TLC and respects routines. But the question remains - are these two very different styles confusing to kids?

"The bottom line for children is, 'I don't have just one and a half person who is nuts about me. I have two and they are kind of nuts about me in interesting ways. They bring out different parts of me,'" explains Kyle Pruett, M.D., a child psychiatrist and the author of "Father Need: Why Father Care Is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child." [...]

And while Dad may not clean the breakfast dishes until after playtime is over, and may take the kids out in the rain, his parenting style -- play before pots and pans and spontaneity over routine -- is not necessarily wrong, just different.

A recent study of more than 200 new parents, led by James McHale, Ph.D. of the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, reveals that this approach is healthier for the kids.

Wow, two opposite-sex people "co-parenting" and their children, being exposed to the innate gender differences, are the better for it! Whodda thunk it? It's like water is wet!

What was that about no consequences to same-sex marriage and that such unions are "no different" than opposite-sex unions?

Posted by Darleen at August 20, 2008 06:26 AM