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June 03, 2007

When I take vacation time ...

... I actually vacation. That means a break from the usual, even if husband and I don't travel far or much.

No email, no 'puter, no tv (expect for dvds), no newspaper, no radio...

An actual, honest-to-God break.

Do you know the "kid trick?" It's where you haven't seen your minor cousins (nephews, nieces, kids of friends) for a year or so and you're shocked shocked at "how they've grown." What happens is that you've carried their image in your mind, unchanged, since that last moment. As if they are dipped in amber and just await your rediscovery before they start growing again.

That's the way I feel about the last couple of days as I've dipped my toe back into the world I left abruptly on May 25th and The Way It Is Now.

We were in dire need of a vacation and grabbed a week off at the last moment. However, the joy of living in So Cal is that for a couple of hours drive time you can spend time watching scrub jays and squirrels squabble just outside of a mountain cabin in Big Bear, then the next day enjoy scrambling across the rocks and digging your toes into the wet sand of Crystal Cove in Newport Beach.

Yet, vertigo seems the best I can manage in trying to make sense of the last week of Bizarro World News, topped off by the very disturbing image of Teddy Kennedy smiling about one of his amnesty bills supported by President Bush.

Sorry, folks. This monster of a bill is worse then doing nothing. Four hundred pages of so-called "triggers" that won't be enforced and immediate legal status, easy to obtain and indefinitely renewable is the one section that will be exploited.

Then we have yet another [Baptist? Presbyterian?] plot foiled, this time against JFK Airport, but just like the Fort Dix Six, the charges are being ridiculed and dismissed by the usual suspects

Which is really ironic, because at the same time the koskiddies are Being Real Serious™ about the Dreaded Rethuglicans under the command of General Ann Coulter and Admiral Michelle Malkin staging a right-wing coup if Dems "win" in 2008.

Yeppers, just like the right-wing insurrection after Pelosi and Reid "won". Now, just who is trying to pass the "Fairness Doctrine" as they take their "how to handle critics" strategy from Hugo Chavez?

Geez, I think I need more vacation. My vermicious knids tolerance level is still too low.

Posted by Darleen at June 3, 2007 03:59 PM