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May 22, 2007

What comes naturally

The disgusting case of Ted Klaudt, yet another pedophile who took advantage of children (and will, hopefully, be facing a long, hard stretch in prison) in his care has attracted the attention of Amanda Marcotte and, you know, I actually agree with her:

Naturally, he’s a Republican.
Successful predators are those that blend in. The old croc laying motionless in the reeds of the waterhole, the tiger in the tall grass. Come closer, yummy lunch, nothing here but us grasses swaying in the breeze.

Each breathless story of the decorated Scout leader busted for molestation, the honored and popular teacher under indictment for sexual relationships with students; all speak to the tactic of the predator camouflaging himself in the most trusted position available.

So for Klaudt, he camouflaged himself as a Republican, the group most trusted in the area for being pro-family with values of honor, charity and propriety.


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May 17, 2007

Let's give Hillary a hand ...

... since she's soliciting suggestions for her own theme song. Here's my top five:

1. Witchy Woman Eagles
2. Dude - Looks like a Lady Aerosmith
3. Evil Woman ELO
4. The Great Pretender The Platters
5. The Bitch is Back Elton John

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May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell and the nasty children

I knew as soon as I got my CNN Breaking News email at work about the Rev. Jerry Falwell's death that schadenfreude would dance like sugar plum fairies on crack throughout the Left blogsphere.

Good.friggin'.lord !!

And this from people whose collective condemnation of Saddam Hussein amounted to something akin to shrugged shoulders and "well, of course he wasn't a good man but ... "

I have little personal opinion on the late Falwell. He certainly had an up-by-his bootstraps personal history, but in true Peter's Principle fashion, success found him afflicted by bouts of foot-in-mouth disease as he moved in public political circles. I found myself pretty indifferent to his ramblings and vaguely annoyed at gaffes, because the attention he got was way out of proportion to his assumed political influence.

He was, in the last decade or so, a boogeyman of Leftist creation.

In looking over the indecent remarks it is easy to see why the Left cult children desperately needed a Falwell. All the rabid intolerance, bigotry, cliquishness, fundamentalism that runs through the Left could be projected onto him.

Falwell was their sin-eater.

If Falwell wasn't around, the Left would have had to invent him, so they can try and get the government to legally shut him up (and anyone else they don't agree with).

I could almost pity the unserious Left cultists, but disgust at their petty, peevish behavior is pretty much dominant.

Falwell was a flawed, but not evil, man. May he rest in peace.

And may the children someday seek maturity and wisdom.


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May 11, 2007

As you may have noticed ...

I dropped out for about a week.

I threw myself into painting, gardening, reading, writing some fiction and generally turned off the 'puter.

When it came to my attention that almost two thirds of Democrats are certifiably insane I needed some space.

I won't argue the insanity. It's a Leftist tarbaby I won't engage.

But I won't give up either my values or my country. So my enemy isn't just the Islamists that even have ostensible feminists giving them kudos for being real fashion police, it is the alternate reality of spoiled children who WANT THE PONY RIGHT NOW AND IF I DON'T GET IT IT PROVES YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A MEANY.

What I needed to do was find again that "fire in the belly" that allows me to see the absolute suicide mentality of the idiots who are poo-pooing the latest foiled jihadist plot and not give in to the despair engendered by so-called "fellow Americans" who bad-mouth (at best) everything that makes America unique and whose talking points are eerily echoed by America's sworn enemies.

The temptation to say "screw all this" and to retreat to filling the bird feeder and scrap-booking family pics is great. It's the temptation of turning off the overload.

But it seems a good deal of the country has already done that, even as a glimmer of hope comes, surprisingly, by way of France.

I will not contribute to the Islamist cause of a new world Caliphate.

So no apologies, no equivocations and no quarter given.

I'm back.

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May 01, 2007

Day 21 ...

and well, you know St Amanda is never going to apologize for her participation in the Duke rape hoax mob hysterics.

Hell, why should she when she's got her very own little Grover Dill to play to her Scut Farkus.

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