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December 27, 2006

One is the loneliest number ...

Jon Carry in Irak (click for really really large image)

h/t LindaSoG

Ben of Mesopotamia writes:

On Saturday night, a colleague emailed me and told me to bring my camera, as Senator Kerry was scheduled to give a press conference here in the Palace. At 2100, he entered a conference room wearing his leather flight jacket. Unfortunately, there was no media there, except for the enlisted soldiers from AFTN (Armed Forces Television Network) who had to be there. His aide looked around, saw that this just wasn't happening, and quickly escorted Kerry out before I could take a picture.

Finally, the next morning, Senator Kerry ate chow at the Dining Facility. Normally when a Senator/Representative visits, he is joined by a contingent of soldiers/Marines/airmen from his home state. Despite the fact that the MP unit responsible for Green Zone security is an Army Reserve unit from Massachusetts, not a single soldier went to sit with him.

One reason that I'm reasonably sure that there won't be too many pictures of Senator Kerry with the troops is the PAO is well aware of what troops will do. So here are the pictures that are available so far, officially, from the US Army. Since no commanders volunteered to host Senator Kerry, I think it's safe to say that Colonel Sutherland drew the short straw for the suicide mission.
Excuse me for a moment, I gotta go dig out my old Three Dog Night album ...


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Posted by Darleen at December 27, 2006 08:01 AM


Hi Darleen,

Poor Mr Cary, aging presidential wannabe, torch bearer for the New Left in America, stand up comedian hopeful and a living, breathing example why telling the truth when your wrong instead of blaming others and making excuses...

Sometimes being alone can be a spiritual experience, allowing the absence of din, making available the still small voice... Or, maybe its an indicator that no one can stand your weasely, mealy mouthed flip flopping excuse for a character...who knows?

I confess..If my wife was a bazillionaire and supported me, Im thinking I would be a VERY faithful lapdoggie and strive for her happiness at every turn. But I guess I'll never know.

Now, after Jons trip to see the third world police states and their leaders (those who would see him), I suppose he'll have a fresh take on America's evils and will gladly offer himself up to national service once again, eliminating all the stupid alternatives.

Finally, I'll be able to sleep. Hukd on fonix wrkd fer me.

Sincerely, Hank

Posted by: icanplainlysee at December 27, 2006 02:34 PM

What is the date and location of the photo?

Posted by: MyPetGloat at December 28, 2006 10:57 AM

I got the photo at Ben's site at the link.

Breakfast at the US Embassy Annex at the Palace, Sunday Dec 17.

(no it is NOT the same pic as the Reuter's pic on the Yahoo slide show... while Kerry wears the same shirt, the Reuter's pic is identified as LUNCH in Basrah...and you can see that in the BREAKFAST pic there are flowers on the table and Kerry's drink cup has a flower pattern on it).

Posted by: Darleen at December 28, 2006 11:12 AM

Cue the Nelson soundbite from The Simpsons: HA HA!!

Posted by: reverse_vampyr at January 2, 2007 12:19 PM