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November 06, 2006

My personal thoughts on California Propositions - with UPDATES

The voter information guide was again pretty thick with initiatives. Slogging through it over the past couple of weeks and I'll share with you the way I'll be voting. I realize that some of my votes may seem harsh, but I'm coming from the position that at this time I will not vote for any more general obligation bonds. Dress 'em up with faux sob-sister rhetoric of "for the children!" or whatever. This state fields one of the highest of state income tax rates, has high sales tax, gas tax, tobacco tax, corporate taxes and fees ... and they want to have MORE money to drop down huge black holes?

No. Not from me. Increase revenues by enhancing the tax base (be business friendly!). Stop picking pockets.

How I see it:

1A - Yes... it is a return to keeping gas tax revenues only for transportation improvements. This is the way it used to be..but we pay ever increasing gas taxes to have 'em stolen away from fixing roads/freeways/etc and dumped into the general fund

1B-E bond measures: No.

83 - Jessica's law - Yes
84 - yet another bond [argh!] - No
85 - Parental notification (note, it is NOT permission and I've explained my reasons why long before, here and here ) Yes
86 - Cig tax - (so full of loopholes it resembles swiss cheese) - No
87 - Tax CA oil production (and hand oodles of $$$ to unaccountable political appointees!) -No, fer crissakes NO!
88 - Property tax increase - No
89 - Tax CA corporations & financial institutions to fund candidates for political office - (oh goody, let's keep making it such an attractive state for businesses!) No
90 - Tightening Eminent Domain Rules - this is CA's response to the Kelo decision. It will (among other things) prohibit from taking private property to promote other private projects - YES!
Oh. And yes, I'm voting straight Republican ticket. From Kerry's condescension towards the US troops to Mr. Clinton's statement today mocking the threat of Islamist terrorists to the lack of any plan from Pelosi/Reid/Schumer et al, except tax and surrender, the Democrats have signaled that they are completely unserious about US security and foreign policy.

UPDATE as other CA bloggers post their pics, I'll link 'em here:
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Posted by Darleen at November 6, 2006 03:43 PM


Straight GOP? Can't believe it. :-)

Posted by: Carl W. Goss at November 6, 2006 07:18 PM

IF you like the way things are right now. You think it is ok for the president to lie and ok to torture people. IF you want your civil rights trampled. Cool be an idiot and vote republican
IF you want to at least slow it down try democrate for a while.
Lets see republican Duke Cunniham Bob Abramoff Tom Delay Mark Foley the Iraq war Huge deficiets a war that cost 11 million dollars a minute (yes a minute )
I mininmum wage that has not risen since 1998 (how would you like to make $5.15 an hour or less than 10 thousand a year. Try paying the rent with that.
Yeah vote republican but don't let me know because as a true republican we are going to have start euthanizeing stupid people. Oh yeah and don't forget the border and homeland security and all the recomendation of the 911 commision -
And of course the WMD we didn't find and Osma Bin Ladin who didn't find either or the connection to al quadia.
Did Bush do anything I can be happy about.
IF you can think of something email me. Because I want something to be happy about

Posted by: Doctor Lee Johnson at November 7, 2006 06:05 PM