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November 06, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Torn

Click for larger imageFriday's episode was one of the transitional chapters, rather than a stand-alone story. The story line was advanced only incrementally, but we got more background, and very tantalizing information, on the Cylons.

The human fleet is trying to pull itself together and, via Roslin and Adama, they are again concentrating on finding Earth. Gaeta offers up all of Baltar's abandoned notes and research with the spot-on observation in answer to Roslin's questioning if the research can be trusted. "If there's one thing I learned about Baltar is his capacity to ensure his own survival."

And that is what Baltar is scrambling for as he finds his continued existence among the Cylons is tentative, at best.

For all the advantages the Cylons have engineered into their hybrid race -- resurrection, great strength -- the weaknesses of very limited genetic material, no sexual reproduction -- may prove to be fatal to their species. Thus the desperation in their investment in Hera.

We've met seven of the twelve models of Cylon "skinjobs", and now we know all is not well with the other five ... as the Six fearfully blurted to Baltar "We do not speak of them."

What I wouldn't give to see Ron Moore's bible on Cylon history!

Back on Galactica, Adama has to deal with the poison that Kara and Tigh are eagerly injecting into the Galactica personnel. No coddling, no histronics, Adama brings home to them both exactly what they are doing; and if they want to kill Adama they can do it much quicker by picking up the gun he sets on the table and shooting him.

Kara has just the tiniest core of belief in herself left that when Adama slams her to the deck she realizes that is her bottom and she must dig herself up and out of it. She has been beating herself up over the mind game Leoben played on her, she has pushed away her husband, but the idea of losing even her position on Galactica is just too much.

Tigh is another matter. He doesn't care if he loses everything, as he feels he has lost everything. He continues to address Adama as "Bill" and with mixture of anger, weariness and contempt.

Will Tigh's character last the season?

The episode ends with Galactica's Sharon, new callsign "Athena", and her co-pilot discovering the lion's head nebula where dead and dying Cylons float through space. The set up of the next one or two episodes' moral dilemma is cast ... what will the humans do with the knowledge of a virus fatal to Cylons?

Nice to watch a show made for adults.

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Posted by Darleen at November 6, 2006 08:28 AM


It's made for adults by adults, and ones who seem to have a fine grasp of the workings the human animal. "Galactica" is a much better morality play than "Star Trek" was because it acknowledges the inconsistencies and range of human behavior.

Posted by: Chris at November 7, 2006 07:31 AM

Ahh Tigh has become another favorite of mine. Even in his new insanity.

Why do I always like the "dark" characters?

In the original Galactica Baltar remained as the leader of the Cylons as a kind of king. He even sat on a throne. I wonder if that is their intent in this new universe. I hope not because I loved watching Baltar's moral dilemmas among the humans, not as much among the Cylons.

Posted by: Digger at November 8, 2006 12:46 AM