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October 30, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

It's 8:15 am and this is the view I'm looking at while sipping some coffee this morning:

Hubby is attending seminars and I'm tagging along for fun and relaxation while he's in classes. I've got some serious pool lounging, tedious spa attending and hard-nosed shopping on my agenda.


I'll be checking in from time to time... and I want to try and get a pic of this same view at night with all the lights. Our room is delightful and the weather promises to be perfect (mid 70's).

Posted by Darleen at October 30, 2006 08:25 AM


- You are missing the absolute quintesential last minute meltdown, both feets in mouth, John F'ing Kerry moment. Unbelievable. Rove you evil genius, you. If the Dems fail, and they were already struggling from other campaign foopahs, they will have no one else but their mis-guided missle mouth, flip-flopper to thank. Pure poetic justice. The elitist snobs just can't help themselves, it seems.

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at October 31, 2006 02:16 PM