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July 18, 2006

Durn pesky Pissed-Off Presbyterians

What? Oh, it's not? What about Beserker Baptists? Maddened Methodists? It's gotta be one of them.

BOMBAY, India - A little-known Islamic militant group that claimed responsibility for the Bombay train bombings warned Tuesday that it was planning attacks against government and historic sites in India in an e-mail to an Indian television station. Also, the death toll in the July 11 bombings was raised to 207. [...]

The group claiming responsibility, Lashkar-e-Qahhar, Lashkar-e-Qahhar first claimed responsibility for the bombings in an e-mail Saturday to Aaj Tak television, although investigators say they are still trying to verify the claim.

The group on Tuesday addressed doubts about its initial claim of responsibility, and added that it plans to provide audio and video proof that it carried out the series of bombings that ripped through Bombay's packed commuter rail network during the evening rush hour.


Lashkar-e-Qahhar, which translates as the "Army of Terror," was unknown until it claimed responsibility for the March 7 bombings in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi that killed at least 20 people.

Investigators believe the group may be a front for Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, an Islamic militant group based in Pakistan that has long fought Indian rule in Kashmir, a predominantly Muslim Himalayan region.*

I mean, come on, I thought there was this equivalency thingy among Islamists and Xtians and JOOOOS. They all have their own terrorists and do about the same amount of violence.


Crud, I gotta go through my Markos' memos to see what is proper to talk about.

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