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June 25, 2006

Islamofascists slaughter Russian embassy workers

Breaking news

CAIRO, Egypt - An al-Qaida-linked group posted a Web video Sunday showing the killings of three Russian embassy workers abducted earlier this month in Iraq. A fourth also was said to have been killed. [...]

The 90-second video, posted on an Islamic Web site that frequently airs militant messages, showed the beheading of two blindfolded men and the shooting of a third.

In the footage, two men clad in black and wearing black ski masks shout "God is great!" before beheading the first man. Then one militant appears standing over the decapitated body of a second victim lying in a pool of blood, with the head placed on top of the body.

Michelle Malkin has a link, and a warning, to the video.

Anyone still question the threat posed by Islamists?

Anyone besides the usual suspects -- willful ignorance and apologia from Leftist cultists.

But, what the heck, it's in the Koran!!

UPDATE I know I shouldn't look, but it's kind of hard to resist. From Democrat Demon Underground

Sun Jun-25-06 06:46 PM
Response to Original message
10. hmmmm, i wonder if these bad guys are CIAl Qaeda ?
bush would LOVE for the russians to get involved in iraq.
Yep, nothing bad happens in the world that is not the fault of BOOOOOOSH! Almost as bad as that other Left boogeyman, the JOOOOOOOOS.


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