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April 10, 2006

More evidence of the failure of Publik Skools

and clueless parents ... Vouchers Please

Upper St. Clair fourth-grader Zoe Hinkle, 10, thinks her mini-skirt is plenty long enough. She and her friends plan let to school Principal Claire Miller know as much when they stage a protest in the Streams Elementary School parking lot after classes let out today.

The question pits fashion against acceptable standards, and the answers aren't always easy.

Fashion standards? A FOURTH GRADER????
Last fall, Miller told Zoe that her skirt was too short, and in recent weeks has been telling the girl's friends the same, the grade-schooler said. Skirts should not be higher than the knees, the girls were told. To show their distaste for the policy, they plan to brandish homemade signs outside after school.
Where are the parents? What responsible ADULT mother or father would allow their 10 year old to defy a school because she wants to wear a mini-skirt?

Oh. Well... this kind:

Zoe's mother, Leslie Hinkle, thinks the fuss over her daughter's attire goes too far.

"She's only 10. It's not like she's 15 going into school wearing low-cut shorts and a tank top," Leslie Hinkle said.

Then stop allowing your pre-pubscent girl go to school dressed as IF she were a 15 y/o ho.


Media and the market are sexualizing children at younger ages, Duquesne University psychology professor Anita LaLumere said. Girls generally become interested in boys at 12, and boys start looking at girls around 14, she said.

"There's an emphasis on girls to attract the opposite sex -- that they should be cute and sexy," LaLumere said. "It does matter for discipline and decorum. Kids are growing up with fewer standards today. It's teaching acceptable public behavior.

STOP dressing little girls as if they were auditioning to appear on a rap video. If the school sends your daughter home for inappropriate clothing, then don't allow your daughter to wear it to school ever again.

Better yet. Get together with other parents and demand a uniform for your school.

Better YET: Don't have kids if you can't handle parenting.

Vouchers please NOW.

Posted by Darleen at April 10, 2006 11:53 AM


Hmm, seems to me, this is a failure of the public "parent".

However, I have to quibble; "if the school If the school sends your daughter(what about son?) home for inappropriate clothing, then don't allow your daughter (again, son?) to wear it to school ever again."

Only if I agree with their decision. IN this case I do, of course.

My daughter has a friend who wears the pants with commentary on the seat of the pants - She's 7. She does act, sometimes like she's auditioning to to be in a music video, which is pretty horrifying. Sad thing is, she's a smart kid, but the influence of the public school on her is becoming more pronounced each year.

Mind you, we cheat - We're home-schooling, so my daughter seems to be clear of it...for now....

Posted by: W. Ian Blanton at April 14, 2006 11:08 AM

I am posting anonymously because I do not want welfare turning up on my door step because of my politically incorrect child rearing.

I think it is interesting that as schools have become more insistent that girls wear androgynous boring clothes that out of school girls have gone from clothing emphasizing their femininity to clothing emphasizing sex. Gone are the days where schools forced girls to wear skirts even for sport and in are the days of political correctness and a form of modesty that de sexes and eventually devalues girls by dressing them as little boys.

Call me whatever but my girls wear skirts almost all the time at my insistence. Often these skirts are short and sometimes you see their knickers. So what! They are girls. They are feminine. There are times when they cover some embarrassment with a giggle and squirm. There are times when they just have to live with others seeing. They are fit, healthy and good looking and I hope that they get the guys to compete for them.

Posted by: anomous at April 30, 2006 11:01 PM