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February 12, 2006

While I regret not attending CPAC

I am glad I missed Coulter's schtick. You'll not find me referencing her, quoting her, buying her books or crossing the room to hand her a can of Ensure.

Jeff says

... seriously, standing up in front of a microphone and calling people "ragheads" isn't helping anybody. Ever.

You wanna say that stuff, do it in private. And don't let anybody hear you. And don't let anybody quote you. Ever.


Reasonable people everywhere

Eloquent, but I kinda like Miss Attila's approach,
"Ann Coulter can get fucked."
I was glad when National Review fired her. Can we now stop inviting her to events for the grown-ups?

UPDATE Michelle Malkin

I have no ill will towards peaceful people who happen to cover their heads for their faith.

My problem, as I've made clear on this blog, is with radical Islamists at home and abroad who threaten our existence. I don't care what they wear on their heads. I care what's in their heads and what's strapped around their chests and and what's hidden in the soles of their shoes and what's being cooked up in their labs and nuclear reactors. I have a lot of blunt names for these jihadists who have killed our sailors and soldiers, butchered and beheaded innocent civilians from around the world, flown planes into buildings and incinerated babies, children, and pregnant women in the name of religion.

"Ragheads" is not the word that immediately comes to my mind. Evildoers. Bloody murderers. Bastards. Yes. "Ragheads?" No.
Ann's comment gives cover to smug liberals in denial about their own pervasive bigotry

Posted by Darleen at February 12, 2006 04:23 PM


My old man who worked in Saudi Arabia back in the 1950s called 'em ragheads. Brits called 'em wogs.

Generic terms for lesser breeds without the law as Kipling called 'em.

I think it was Kipling.

Posted by: Carl W. Goss at February 12, 2006 10:29 PM

- Call the Jihadists anything you like....Just don't call them late for the fusion cloud....

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at February 13, 2006 08:32 PM

Yes, too bad darleen missed attending CPAC ... where her lovely comrades gave Man Coulter's racist outburst a ...STANDING OVATION! What a delightful crowd of cultists they are.

Posted by: A Friend at February 14, 2006 03:26 AM

- "Cultists"... heh...h-h-heh....heh....The Commiecrats calling the kettle black.....

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at February 14, 2006 07:49 AM

Well, what would you call it, Big Bang? (What is it with wingnut screen names? How much fantasy life are these people living?)

Let's review the things modern day "conservatives" do NOT stand for: They don't believe in limited government, but instead have no problem with having the government everywhere from our internet browsers to our bedrooms to our deathbeds. They don't believe in restraining the growth of government, and have instead expanded it more than any previous administration. They don't believe in fiscal responsibility, having fattened the deficit, sickened themselves on limitless pork spending, and submitted one dishonest budget after another. They don't believe in honesty and have embraced corruption as a way of political survival. They don't believe in moral accountabiility and have used every tool at their disposal (including their army of sycophantic volunteers, i.e. wingnut bloggers) to escape responsibility for their incompetence and negligence. They don't believe in law and order OR the Constitution, and break our laws with impunity, if not outright defiance.

Basicaly modern day "conservatives" believe in NOTHING but the Authoritarian Cult. They worship a leader, a man. They have no priinciples or ideology and have proven that they can be manipulated to jump through any hoop necessary by the mere repetition of a hypnotic phrase - in their case, "Nine Eleven" can turn any one of them into zombies parrotting the party line like tape recorders.

It will be most interesting to see what happens to this group as the Cult of Bush necessariily dissolves. It is already beginning but will pick up momentum in the next election cycle, as ass covering politicians flee from his unpopularity....BTW, what ever happened to that other conservative principle, term limits? That was one of the first to go.

Posted by: A Friend at February 15, 2006 03:30 AM

Hrubec (aka A Friend, Snick, Talluh, Sssss, et al) wonders about other people's nom de net??

Pay no heed that many right of center both AT CPAC and outside of it have roundly criticized Coulter, including Michelle Malkin that the Left loves to call "gook" and "chink whore" in all their "tolerant" glory ... where's the left of center on the spewing by Gore?


Posted by: Darleen at February 15, 2006 07:17 AM

Good job avoiding the pertinent point, darleen. I haven't noticed any criticism of Man Coulter's cocaine induced ravings. Are you implying she'll no longer be the pinup girl for the Fox Propaganda Network, or that she won't be sucking Sean Hannity's dick on his radio program any longer? Seriously doubt it.

And I'd REALLY like to see how you make a comparison between Nutjob Coulter and the patriotic dissent of Al Gore (try actually reading some of his speeches sometime - they are as intelligent and well documented as one would expect from a university professor) . Point me to where he "spewed" racist comments. I know it's hard for Authoritarian Cultists to remember this, but Dissent in a Free Society used to be considered not only a Right but a Responsibility. Not in fascist societies, of course, but in ones like we used to have, where people actually felt safe about speaking Truth to Power.

Posted by: A Friend at February 16, 2006 04:01 AM

"patriotic dissent of Al Gore..."


- As in "Wonder if this means the Libturds are openly courting the Wahabi vote" - Well just as soon as the Royal family's check clears anyway...

- You asshats would do yourselves a big favor by disavowing any knowledge that Mohammud al-Gore even exists.

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at February 18, 2006 11:37 AM