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February 14, 2006

The Cotillion Valentine's Day Dance

I'm happy to present the ladies of the Cotillion and their love letter to you, highlights of the best writing they have done over the past week.

Little Miss Attila was an attendee at this years CPAC and writes of one of the major issues of the convention, Immigration.

The main two debates seem to be (1) between those who believe that some sort of guest worker program must be a component in whatever we set up, vs. those who feel that this would be tantamount to amnesty. And: (2) those who feel that enforcement of our existing laws should come first, before we address the issue of how to deal with those who already live in the "shadow world" of illegal immigrants.
Rightwing Sparkle reviews tv program, 30 Days as a Muslim, a reality show in a series that offers the hook of disparate people living in their opposites realm for 30 days. This time about a 34 y/o Christian man who lives with a moslem family
I was kind of surprised by how much the Christian guy didn't know about the roots of Christianity and that he didn't know that Allah was the same "God" that we worship (according to their beliefs) The show was interesting and I think the Christian guy did come away with a desire to defend peaceful Muslims against those who equate the entire religion with terrorism.
Jane at Armies of Liberation highlights the latest perfidy of the Yemeni Government - piggybacking on the Cartoon War
The Yemeni regime has a new label to target its reformers, opposition and civil leaders: “pro-Dutch.” (The regime employs a variety of stereotypes to label its opponents in an effort to turn public opinion against them: Zionist, Separatist, Houthi, Terrorist, Mason, American-leaning and Treasonous, to name a few.)
Cassandra of Villainous Company brings you the facts about the cynical Pat Leahy (D) handwringing over Quakers, babies & puppies
now why on earth might the NSA take an interest in a peaceful Quaker anti-war group? Well, apparently this group has a long history of run-ins with the NSA
Zendo Deb of TFS Magnum brings sobriety to another set of those that cry in their beer - advocates of a 'gunfree' society - Stand Your Ground
Alabama is considering "Stand Your Ground" or an enhanced Castle Doctrine law similar to what was passed in Florida last year. Prosecutors are upset because this would "hinder prosecutions." They like to be able to treat self-defense as a crime.

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