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February 03, 2006

Muhammed Cartoon - Blogburst answer to death cultists

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Via Michelle Malkin comes the call for a blogburst to show what American MSM won't -- the actual "offensive" cartoons that have Islamists calling for DEATH to DANES -- and French and Spanish and any non-dhimmitized person who dares to offend them.

Amazing how like gangbangers these Islamists are acting! Dis 'em and they won't pop a cap in your head, they'll just separate your head from your shoulders.

Be sure to visit here for all of the cartoons.

Posted by Darleen at February 3, 2006 12:50 PM


Thanks Darleen, I've been looking for those.

Here was my take...



(and here I probably go tripping your comment spam filter!)

Posted by: Strider at February 3, 2006 03:00 PM

Mohammed Cartoon,

It is sad to see a cartoon like this. As a muslim, I do not appreciate a thing like this, but I do not understand the purpose, We are not all terrorists, we do like to drink beer or wine time to time. I think it is the ignorance of the artist. Shame.....

Posted by: Mesut Can Guroy at February 5, 2006 03:00 AM

I am a Norwegian. I have seen the pictures, but I do not understand the problem. The terrorist who blow themselves up, are muslims, but do the muslims protest violently when a suicidebomber kills a lot of people. The muslims are mostlig quiet about this. Then when some artist draw some cartoons the muslims aroud the world want to kill all the Nrowegians and the Danes. I have never even heard of the Norwegian newspapaer which printed the cartoons before this happend. I support even more now the United States war against the terrorist muslims in the world. Islam seems to be a very violent religion. When the peaceful (?) muslims around the world start to really protest against the violence thas happening in the name of Allah, then I will stop thinking that the muslims are violent

Posted by: Per at February 5, 2006 06:42 AM


If you're drinking beer, you're not being 'moslem'. No one has ever said all moslems are terrorists, however, when YOU or another other ostensible moslem is not forcefully condemning your co-religionists for their threats of violence and their committing of violence in the name of Islam, then you are an accomplice.

Take a clue from Western Christianity and Judaism. Hold marches, lights candles, start letter writing campaigns. Protest all you want, but use persuasion to your cause, not the barbarity of a gangbanger putting a bullet into your brain for 'disrespecting' him.

Posted by: Darleen at February 5, 2006 08:53 AM

Thanks Darleen for your courage.
I think the cartoons, and epspecially the on with a bomb in the turban, show the truth about islam. When I first saw this I think it mean terrorism in the name of islam.

Posted by: jesper at February 5, 2006 09:52 AM

hi i can say hnorly that i am a muslim.and i am very very happy to became a muslim.
i read the messages below and i was very very suprised.forexample if a norwegıan man or woman blowed hımself*herself at that time will you say the norwegian people are terrorists???
on the other side why dont you ever tink that this is an provoke?????
is not it a wrong side of thought. i thin some people want to make the world go into 3. world war.
so if you want to say that all the muslims are terorist i want you to juz think a litte first. saying that all the muslims are terrorists and at the same tme provoking them abaut their religion it means that they want to be in 3. world war..

Posted by: yavuz at February 5, 2006 11:24 AM

The rightous Islamist who condem images of Muhammed think they are violent for the right reasons.But they are wrong. Twisted in view of right and wrong. To be offended is not punishable by bodly harm.

The brain uses images. Muhammed has a image in the brain. Transfering this image to paper is not wrong.
Muslims please come out of the dark ages. Think!

Posted by: Brain image at February 5, 2006 12:07 PM

Unfortunately, in Islam, cartoons or drawings of the human figure are not allowed.

It's interesting that a muslim would come here condemning us for saying that muslims are terrorists. If you can tell me which of the 19 bombers of the twin towers in New York was not a muslim, I'll be all too happy to hear it.

If you can tell me which of the muslims that rioted in France burning cars and buildings was not committing acts of terror, I'd like to hear it. If you can tell me which of the people rioting in European streets carrying signs saying 'kill the infidel' 'behead people who insult Islam' "kill people who insult the prophet" and so on--are not muslims, please share that.

I want to hear the ummah denounce terrorism but instead they attack the infidel with signs like 'to hell with freedom'. They want a totalitarian state under sharia law and world conquest and won't stop until they get it.

The muslim world that is silent over atrocities like suicide bombings is complicit because of their silence--they're aiders and abetters.

And I agree, any muslim who's drinking--is not living as a good muslim because muslims not only outlaw drawings of the human figure, they outlaw booze, music, dancing, and even try to prevent women from going to school or even going outside without the escort of a relative. AND, they must go outside completely covered And then there is when a female family member has 'dishonored the family' and a male family member must kill them.

The intellectual and religious deficiencies of women are stated in the following Hadith found in Sahih al-Bukhari which is considered by Muslim scholars to be “The most authentic book after the Book of Allah (ie. the Qur’an)”:[13]

“Allah’s Apostle once said to a group of women : ‘I have not seen any one more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious, sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women asked: ‘O Allah’s Apostle, what is deficient in our intelligence and religion?’ He said: ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said: ‘This is the deficiency of your intelligence’ … ‘Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women replied in the affirmative. He said: ‘This is the deficiency in your religion.’”

This is all very sick, but it's reality. In Chicago, a man threw petrol on his wife and burned her to death. In New Jersey, an entire family of Egyptian Coptic Christians was murdered in the halal way because they were talking about Christianity to muslims online at PALTALK. This is not only happening in places like Europe where Theo Van Gogh was murdered for producing his short film called "Submission", it's happening in the United States as well.

People better wake up to this horror--or we'll be under the swords of the head hackers while the ummah remains silent, supporting their efforts.

Excellent discussion thread, BTW.

Posted by: Cao at February 5, 2006 04:15 PM

Hi everyone,

first of all, muslims can drink beer, it is forbidden, but all sins are forbidden but we do them anyway, its like 10 commandments. Thou shall not lie. most of the jews and christians lie, don't they.
Per said that islam is violent. if islam is violent then I can't think of a name for christians. Hitler was a christian wasnt he? or napoleon or mussolini or pinochet or george bush. People that used A-bomb were christians. I can give you lots of examples. these people are responsible from their actions as a christian. I am TURKISH and I am a muslim. ( this spelling can be used). But there is a difference in Turkey. we have a democracy and there is secularism. It is very important. because we are the only country that seperates religion from the politics.
I see that in modern europe, politicians strongly use their christianity for politics. thats why you, I mean people effected by these politics. Let me tell you something, They said that 9/11 was el Kaide, no it wasnt. search a documentary named 9/11 in plane site. If you are an objective person you can see what I mean. dont get me wrong, El kaide is my country's enemy too because they are fundementalists.
You can come to Istanbul and see real islamic country. there is a image problem. You see what you want to see. But the truth is very different. You may think we still use camels to travel or we eat with our hands.

For BTW.

He or she said that "Unfortunately, in Islam, cartoons or drawings of the human figure are not allowed"

it is completely wrong. may be you do not know but there is a painting of fatih Sultan Mehmet (who captured istanbul on 1453) has a portrait made by bellini. This is important because in Ottoman Sultans were caliphate of the islamic world.

Now a days in istanbul there is the europe's biggest picasso exhibition. 12 months in a year, and every month there is another art activity in istanbul,
remember, 99% of Turks are muslims.

The problem of the drawing is, There is no painting or photo of MUHAMMED, ever. In the movie "The Message", you can never see muhammed. you see the camera.

This is very important for muslims.

I never accept the killings for behalf of religion and I am sorry for all this painfull days. But you got to understand. There are delicate issues between us.

People must respect each others beliefs.

bye for now.

Posted by: Mesut Can at February 5, 2006 05:28 PM


I recently read that the newspaper called Jyllands-Posten refused to publicate a cartoon about Jesus, because it is offensive. The date is 2003. If this is not hypocrisy I dont know what is.

Posted by: mesut Can guroy at February 5, 2006 05:50 PM

How quickly we forget the submission by the sword that occured at the inception of Islam. Which other prophet from any other religion be it Abraham from Judaism, Jesus from Christianity, Budha from Hinduism advocated conversion by the sword to their faith or headed an organized and militant attack on peoples of other faiths. Are you attempting to rewrite history??? In justifying your position. The roots of Islam are in Judaism which spawned Christianity and from Christianity came Islam. Do we forget the long caravan rides on which your prophet was taught the Judaic and Christian religion by a Greek Orthodox monk and when he set his eyes on Constaninople and its riches decided to bring the same to the heathen tribes at the time that belied the middle east? Again are you attempting to rewrite history?

Posted by: Deborah at February 5, 2006 08:11 PM

All of today's religions leave me sad. Look at what the Mideaval Spanish and English did under a Pope that was after growing his wealth and used religion to subjugate people by force. The Khmer monks who aided in the fighting in Cambodia & Vietnam. If HE was to come down today and see what we all have done in HIS name. I am pretty sure he'd lay us all to waste. No one is above reproach and the ones to blame are always the people, like the pope etc, that "interpret" HIS word to suit their own political or monetary ambitions. Religion should be in your heart no matter what. And if you look at it we all believe in the one GOD but we call him by different names. Yes even Hindus they believe in Shiva as the top deity and the others you could say are like saints. So at the end of the day no ONE is right, we are ALL right. Just be true to yourself and to ALL the prophets teachings. They all advocate peace, listen to your heart not to another person's view of what they interpret. Teachers teach you one version but it is up to you to look at ALL facets and come to terms with HIS words for YOUR self not what someone else wants you to believe. Then ALL their words and what THEY died for to bring us would be in vain, and that is what would be truly sad.

Posted by: deborah at February 5, 2006 08:54 PM

sözün karikatür çizdigini zanneden vatansaşa siz ne yaptıgınızın farkında degilsiniz islam dünyası uyuyan bir devdir uyandırırsanız dünyamızın gelecegi bakımından ve barışın düzeni bakımından tehlikeli sonuçlar çıkacaktır islam alemi duyarlıdır bu karikatürist olayı şahşı boyuttan çıkarıp özür dileme medeniyeti sergilerse olayın kendiliginden çözülecegine inanıyorum aksi taktirde işin boyutları hayal sınırlarımızın ötesine gicektir ve sonuçları hiçde iyi olmayacak kanısındayım ..

Posted by: mehmet at February 6, 2006 12:12 AM

ATT! Mesut Can

Where are you From???? Beirut?

You have heard a rumor about Jyllands Posten rejecting to print images of Jesus and you

conclude that it is hypocrisy??

Im from Denmark and I have worked for Jyllands Posten!

If you knew how many drawing, pictures, articles etc. the publishers receive

each day from freelance journalists, cartoonist etc.

A lot of them are as crappy, duff and unintelligent as your statement and are rejected for that reason only!

So Please CAN it! It is this form of misinformation that has blown this thing out of proportion.

In my opinion religion ( and every holy book ) should be labled the same way we lable cigarrets in Scandinavia :

e.g. " dont expose children to religion. They have their own right to choose "

" Religion seriously damages the way you think and act " . " Religion causes DEATH "

Following is for the Bush administation alone and not the american people :

"Get out of your chairs and give us your solidarity . We ( Danes ) have gone through
thick and thin with the states since 9/11. E.g The scandale in Irac, Guantanamo, Secret CIA
prisons in Europe and the torture in the Abu G.. Prison etc. etc. )
just to name a few, and we have always supported US gouvernment and expressed our friendship
even in the most dire situations...Instead of hiding your real opinion due to the image you want to project.
Face it, the arab world will never change the way they look at US! That train left a long long time ago"

To the people of US: Thanks for the support! We really need it right now!

I know the people of US has got the Danes´Backs and you should know that we got yours and we are with you to the very end!



Posted by: King Kristian the Crusader at February 6, 2006 02:01 AM

att. cao

Hitler was NOT Christian!

Scandinavians are NOT Christian the same way you are a Muslim!

Ateisme rule the Nordic Countries no matter what the Christian Fundamentalists of Scandinavia say!
Of course we are all baptized, confimated, married in a church, pay taxes to the church, but I dare to say, that this is because of Tradition, not because of devoted beliefs. Christianity plays no direct role in our society, and THANK GOD for that! Perhaps it does in the states but hey, most of them are more fruit than Skittles!

I feel like you are a little child, and it is about time that someone tells you that Santa Claus does not exists!

Comeon, religion is opium and all muslims are drug-addicts!


Posted by: Closet-Dadaist at February 6, 2006 04:25 AM

To yavus
Yes, if Norwegians blew themselves up in the name of Jesus I would think Norwegians are a violent people. I also would consider the christian religion a violent religion if christians began blowing themselves up in the name of Jesus.

Posted by: Per at February 6, 2006 05:13 AM


I patiently read all of the comments that everybody wrote. I did not make any comment on the people that submitted his or her idea. You can call me whatever you want, it justy shows your civilization level.

To king kristian the crusader.. well I do not have anything to tell you. your name shows your opinion and character.

To SNAFU, may be you are not a very religious person but majority of Europe is.

To Deborah, your second writing is unquestionebly better than the first one.

It is clear that, you can't understand us no matter what and we cant understand you.

Finally, To Snafu again, it was Catholic Church that supported hitler during WW2 and current one apoligised for it.

if you do not believe me

visit the following


And if you use file sharing programs please download 9/11 in plane site.

these will be hepfull.

"Comeon, religion is opium and all muslims are

this is the modern saying of communism nothing else.

Posted by: Mesut Can at February 6, 2006 08:18 AM

Ok, here's the difference as I see it:

Yes, Hitler was "christian" in that it is what he claimed to be. When he did all his non-christian acts, did the other christian nations sit back in silence? No, we bombed and defeated him.

See, where I see a lot of the West getting confused with the Muslim faith is that when a Muslim does something horrible (9/11, killing of innocence, etc.), there is general silence from the Muslim community. But, if a non-Muslim does something, something far less than murder, there are people in the streets protesting, threatening and destroying.

That leaves the West thinking, "They must condone what the terrorists did since we didn't see them out in force then."

That is why I see the West clumping all Muslims together. No, Christianity isn't perfect -- there is plenty to be ashamed of in the past, and I'm sure there will be more in the future. But we've stood up to the Hitlers. Sadly, we can only apologize so much for the Crusades.

But if you want us to believe that Muslims aren't violent, aren't terrorists, do actually read the Qur'an -- Stand Up. Stand up as loud and as forcefully when a Muslim commits an atrocity as when an artist draws a comic.

Posted by: Fred at February 6, 2006 09:11 AM

Well you see we protest all kinds of violence... we protest 9/11, some of these el kaide members, residing in iran killed lots of our journalists, researchers and proffessors, we protest all of them. but you do not know.

They killed UGUR MUMCU 6 years ago... he was a great journalist, aldo he was my relative...

When the violence do not harm you and Europe.. you sat silent... when Japan bombed Pearl Harbour, USA participated.. untill that time.. they sit silent.

There were a genocide in Bosnia, what did you do?

did you participate? wrote an article, or in somalia.. untill it was found that there are mining resources, USA and other countries sat silent and watch.

finally, I believe that 9/11 was executed by USA.

just watch the documentary I mentioned. well it is probably prohibited by US Government.

but they could not control internet, you can download it.

Posted by: Mesut Can at February 6, 2006 10:47 AM

Dear friends,
I am a muslim from Turkey.First of all I have to say that this action starts to reborn clash of civilization between the christian and islamic world. It is not respectful action..Ok I understand of the freedom of media and newspaper but freedom is over when it disturbs the other people's space of freedom. And I suggest all the people in the "west" that please read about the other countries.then u will see that not all the muslims are terrorist.dont forget modernity starts with respect..

Posted by: bertan at February 6, 2006 12:57 PM

Here's the problem, there is a nice big outroar in this world, to paraphrase saying, "What you slander Muhammed and call muslims violent terrorists!?! Why the outrage, we will kill you and bomb you for that!"

Anyone see the problem with this? Now please don't flame me, I am only talking about those that are protesting and calling for violence. BTW, where are all the peace demonstrations in Iran calling for a stop to nuclear development? We have had those in the US, you know, against nukes, and nuclear power plants. But, I can't really blame the people, if they protested anything other than "Death to America and Israel" over there, they would probably be killed by the Ayatollahs.

Posted by: Gabriel at February 6, 2006 04:01 PM

A documentary that is prohibited by the US government? Please don't make me laugh. Unless it contains under-age animal sex, I doubt the US government would even care -- even if they did have the power to sensor such things, which they don't.

Mesut Can, you didn't answer any of my statements. Instead of answering why the Muslim community is so silent on atrocities people have done in the name of Allah, you mention things the West has done wrong.

Bosnia: You do realize the US and UN peacekeepers we involved in ending the war? You do realize that the peace accord was signed in Dayton Ohio (U.S.).

Somalia: You are aware that there have been regular protests about more action in Somalia? There has been no silence on this issue. I'll also admit the Western goverments have not done all they should... hence the protests.

9/11 was enacted by the US? Ok, I won't even honor that pointless remark.

Pearl Harbor: You realize *why* the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor? If the U.S. was truly silent, there would have been no reason. Japan is not stupid. The U.S. was a major arms and food supplier to the Allies. The Axis needed this supply cut off.

So, when a Muslim does a horrible act that flies in the face of the Qur'an, and claims it in the name of Allah, why don't we see protesting throughout the world with the same vigor as when at artist draws a picture?

Islam is a great religion. I want to understand why its followers are so busy pointing at outside forces trying to destroy Islam, they don't see the inside forces that are doing a much better job.

Posted by: Fred at February 7, 2006 07:24 AM

I've had a look at the cartoons and I'm not sure on what the problem seems to be, ok some of the cartoons are in bad taste and that it satarises Mohammed, but it is the papers right as an independent media to print. I also can understand where the Islamic faith is coming from, but there is no need for the violance that has come about from the printing of these cartoons, and that is all that they are, CARTOONS. If I am correct, the Koran teaches tolarance and understanding, as far as I can see, the people that it has angered do not have either. I know that not all religons are perfect and that there are factions in all of them, but that history has tought us is that there will always be religon.

Posted by: David at February 8, 2006 02:19 AM

The muslims are really violent. For me, any kind of violence is weapon for stupid and coward men because they have no intelligence and no arguments to convince others they are right, so they use violence to impose others their wrong way of living.

Posted by: Fred at February 8, 2006 07:13 AM

Hitler said he was a Christian? Hitler was a Christian? I don't know where you guys get this info but you are completely incorrect. Hitler said things like "I will be your new Christ" "I am better than Jesus, I am like God" OK any and I mean any Christian knows that they are not like God and they know that they won't be Christ. As for the catholic Church backing up hitler. There has been much heracy that has come from that church. Don't pin it on us Christians. The pope has no more authority than I do when it comes to Christianity. Don't believe that read the new testament. Here is my deal with muslims. I know that the media totally screws them in light of everything. They always look like the bad guy. If you look back historically religions have definately had their low points ("Christian crusades-I call them catholic crusades") The jews fights with everyone else to just to be able to exist. and now muslims are getting to the lime light of violence. I truly believe that muslims as a whole are not violent. I think that there are just so many radicals that misenterpret the Quran when it says eliminate it means kill. Just like suposed "Christians" had people killing in the name of Jesus. Wrong but it happened. I do not believe in the muslim faith or will I support it, but I will defend the lost people who Jesus died for. That includes the muslims and everyone else that doesn't have Christ. As for the cartoons. I think they are funny. The newpaper was not biggeted for not running pictures of Christ. Christ we claim to be God. Muslims claim Muhammed as a prophet (just as they claim Jesus was one). A prophet although holy, is not God. Besides Jesus died for even the man who drew the heretical drawing of him making fun of him. Muhammed never died for us. Think about it. Christians we need to find unity and pray for each other, and that we can evangelize to other religions. But we do this by love just as Jesus called us to.
P.S. I served in Iraq for a year for the army and got shot at by the locals, so I am not tree hugger either.

Posted by: Zach at February 8, 2006 10:25 AM

Everyone who thinks that violence is justified because someone drew a cartoon... is both savage and uneducated. Would you kill someone for drawing a cartoon? In a civilized society the answer is most definitely NO. If you answer yes, then you are a terrorist. Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental basics of freedom. So what if something said offends you, you have the same right to voice your opinion. But violence begets violence. Grow up Islam.

Posted by: John Dawson at February 8, 2006 04:31 PM

The only solution is for us to cleanse the world of them. You try to destroy us and we agree to destroy you. That is really what all of this is leading to. Everyone knows it deep down.

Lets fight and see who wins.

Posted by: War is the Answer at February 8, 2006 06:25 PM

"better to keep peace than to have to make peace."

Posted by: john 333 at February 9, 2006 07:20 PM

"the best cure for anger is delay"
"hatred is blind as well as love"
folks never understand the folks they hate"
"i belive every person has a HEART,and if you can reach it,you can make a difference."

Posted by: john 3:33 at February 9, 2006 07:30 PM

" no man can think clearly when his fists are clenched"

Posted by: john 3:33 at February 9, 2006 07:37 PM

"GOD will NOTlook you over for medals,degrees,diplomas,but for scars."

"genius is one percent inspiration an 99 percent perspiration."

Posted by: john at February 9, 2006 08:08 PM

I don't think that genocide is the answer. But how can we allow a country to generate terrorists and random acts of violence in our countries. They have to be delt with. Islam needs to police it's own, but unfortunately they do not understand basic freedoms. I feel the most pity for the muslim women, for they are treated as less than slaves. How can any civilized country repect one which deems violence and murder as common place, natural, even encouraged by their prophet. We have sat back and watched from afar as they keep war mongering, but now they are trying to tell us what we can and cannot print in our own newspapers. They threaten violence and murder to try to force us to bend to their demands. UNITE against OPPRESSION. Our voices have to be heard, we need the rest of the world to vocalize and say "We can print a satiracle cartoon if we want to." The cartoon was in poor taste, there's no doubt, but far less than that of which they print in their own papers against the Jewish faith. HYPOCRISY thy name is Muhammed.

Posted by: John Dawson at February 10, 2006 05:05 AM

To all Muslims,
It seems that you condone violence as a means of being heard, even when something as minor as a freedom of speech issue arises. Do you not understand that you are alienating your people and religion.
I understand that extremism in religion and politics is a major problem that the world has to deal with. If Muslims do not want to stop extremism in the name of Allah, which is proving to be the case, the Western World will deal with it. If you do not stop your brothers and sisters from blowing themselves and innocent people up, you deserve to be stigmatized. Don't blame the Danes or Jews or Americans for your problems. You are the problem! Denounce violence and terrorism and you can live peacefully in any country that you inhabit. If you do not denounce violence, die by the sword that you insist on living by.

Hypocrasy is religion, but especially Islam!

Posted by: Bill at February 11, 2006 03:55 PM

To Bill :

Thank You for letting me know there are still some sane people out there. It seems that all anyone wants to do in here is hate.

Posted by: John Dawson at February 13, 2006 10:54 AM

assalam 3alaykom. I thenk that all people should Inderstend the term of Islam ReliGion I'm a moslim & i'm very lacky to be a moslim. prophet Mohammad is for all Humain.. "every body must know that islam is a religion of peace"..

Posted by: fatima at February 18, 2006 04:48 AM

assalam 3alaykom. I thenk that all people should Inderstend the term of Islam ReliGion I'm a moslim & i'm very lacky to be a moslim. prophet Mohammad is for all Humain.. "every body must know that islam is a religion of peace"..

Posted by: fatima at February 18, 2006 04:48 AM