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December 12, 2005

Hey, I'm an equity feminist - Deal with it.

When JeffG questioned Lauren's post on wearing the hijab as a "feminist statement" a kerfluffle arose as commenters on JeffG's thread rolled their eyes and Lauren wrote a follow-up post tossing in the rhinestone-studded glove with "Flame war, ahoy!"

Irony, is on the heels of Lauren and Jill's frequent claims that not all feminists are alike and Rox post

Contrary to popular assumption, not all feminists agree on every issue.
We are then treated to the dismissal of all women (and men) who don't fall into the narrow stereotype as ANTI-feminist by the likes of Trish and St. Amanda of Fornicatus.

This is exactly the same problem reasonable liberals are having with their radical leftist cousins.

Feminism is about opportunity and choice, and the personal freedom to follow one's own talents unrestricted by gender-specific LAW. Feminism is about one of the most conservative/classical liberal ideals in the political pantheon, individualism. What SOME feminists would have is feminism defined solely as a collective identity; that being a feminist is to embrace an ideology top heavy with authoritarianism -- using legal measures to "correct" all perceived inequities in society, right down to personal choices in career, health and relationships.

Ad nauseum.

Feminism and Leftism are not interchangeable ideologies. I'm tired of having to define and redefine the terms all over again. As long as one believe men and women are of the same moral worth, stand before the LAW equally, and should have the same opportunities to take them where their talents lead, ONE IS A FEMINIST.

To those that keep insisting that one is only an authentic feminist when one embraces Leftist politics? I'd say fuck yourselves, but you're doing such a good job of that already.

JeffG finds the Authentic Feminists are quite forthcoming on actually defining their terms.

Posted by Darleen at December 12, 2005 01:00 PM


I really enjoyed your comments over at Protein Wisdom. Keep the faith, my friend.

Posted by: smithy at December 13, 2005 08:55 PM