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December 01, 2005

Ayotte vs Planned Parenthood - Reasoned arguments -- UPDATE

Video clips here. The second clip is of The Cotillion's own, Charmaine Yoest on Paula Zahn Now last night. Charmaine also Live Blogged from the steps of the Supreme Court as well as addressing the assembled reporters.

Charmaine is pro-life while I describe myself as reluctant pro-choice. However, she makes exactly every point I have made here in the past concerning parental notification legislation. The only argument that her debate opponent, Jennifer, could muster is that the laws "don't work".

Can anyone cite any law on the books that "works" 100%? Is that our criteria for public policy? If it doesn't work, don't enact it?

Too many "pro-choice" people believe Ayotte vs Planned Parenthood is about abortion. It is not. It is about the rights, responsibilities and obligations of parents towards their children and if public policy should support or undercut those rights, etc.

This is exactly the common ground upon which reasonable people on all sides of the "abortion debate" can agree.

Brava, Charmaine.
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UPDATE When irony becomes adding insult to injury, Eric Ragle highlights the experience of Eileen Roberts, who only found out that her 14 y/o daughter had a secret abortion when she got a call from ER for permission to save her daughter's life.

Eileen had to sign a consent form for follow-up surgery to repair the damage done by the abortionist she didn’t have to be told about. To add insult to injury she was responsible for the medical costs which amounted to over $27,000.
Ms. Roberts is a better lady than I am. In the same situation, I would have tracked down the abortionist and aborted his liver via his nose.

(h/t Charmaine)

Posted by Darleen at December 1, 2005 12:00 PM


Great post, Darleen. Thanks for your kind words!

Posted by: charmaine at December 1, 2005 01:04 PM