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September 26, 2005

anti-war anti-American rally roundup

I spent the better part of yesterday at the park with my grandsons. Sean and Nikolas turn three tomorrow (wow). The sun was warm, the sky a brilliant blue and the boys ran off that seemingly inexhaustible energy that imbue little kids. They rolled down slopes of grass, tried all the playground equipment and ran from sports field to sports field to watch the soccer and softball games that were going on. We walked home later to snacks of peanutbutter and sliced apples -- and naps! Glorious, wonderful naps!

It was a nice, relaxing day far from the Leftard Jihadists displaying their varied neuroses and psychoses from DC to LA.

And judging from some commenters, like Neil in my DC thread, to others I've read elsewheres, there has been some nervousness about the "message" that is really coming through to even the most casual observer of the Circus of Hate in DC. Neil at least has the honesty to finally call ANSWER for what it is, while others only equivocate or try the canard that ANSWER has nothing to do with the marches. Interestingly, the latter are annoyed, to one degree or another, that people with cameras have showed up at the rallies and are publishing the images online. Imagine that! From Michelle Malkin here's the humor (click for larger image):
Code Pink
Juliette covers BDS creepiness in El-Lay:
what's a 'peace' march without masks and puppets?
And Smash covers the catfight in San Diego. Wish I had gone there again like I did back in March. From Smash:
I call Godwin's Law
Godwin's Law has been lost on this Bu$Hitler types long ago.

I couldn't pick a favorite from Mike Freeland's DC collection. It has to be seen to be believed.

Posted by Darleen at September 26, 2005 09:48 AM