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September 11, 2005

9/11 - More thoughts and links with UPDATE

One of the things I love about being a member of The Cotillion is the sense of shared community. We email and chat amongst ourselves - pointing out things to read, cheering on good news, offering comfort in the face of bad news. Today strikes us all differently ... certainly there is a plethora of memorials being held. Many of us will go to church this morning knowing the services will be held in memory of 9/11. And many of us will experience, as one of my Cotillion sisters described, a kind of free-floating depression akin to what one experiences after the death of a loved one. What I wrote partially in reply was

We all come to this anniversary differently. Some will write, some will just remember quietly, some will be in parades, some will -unfortunately- take the opportunity to spew hate.

9/11 united us only briefly; however, today it stands as a bellweather of values. There are those that come away from it with a greater understanding of the uniqueness of the American experiment - its greatness and its fragility - and commit ourselves to supporting America. Then there those that once the shock of 9/11 wore off practically revel in the 'I told you so!'s because they truly feel America's uniqueness is wrong. THEY exist in a strange place where they believe if America is NOT the perfect utopia of THEIR dreams, each wart, each failure, each less-than, is just more proof of the basic evilness of America. It's weirdly puritanical - people so religiously bound to the thought that humans (America) are basically evil they can never ever credit the good but see evil machinations in any unscripted moment - they feel they have to be "on guard" to point out the evil foibles of their family and neighbors REGARDLESS OF FACT.

And it's the latter group that just emotionally exhausts the former sometimes, so I can fully see where some people are just going to retreat from their 'puters and newspapers today so they don't have to read/listen to the hatefilled idiots who will start each bit with "Yes, 9/11 was tragic BUT..."
I really have little problem standing aside and letting the leftard jihadists engage in their reality-challenged hatevomit. When people insist on making themselves a bloody fool in public, why interfere? They are the kind of people who can look at this and shrug their shoulders. It's not that they don't Get It, it's that they Refuse To Get It.

For the rest of us, the following links are excellent:

Michele Catalano(who also has been linking to her posts from 9/2001)
Michelle Malkin who asks "So the MSM wants to see bodies?" and a great link roundup
Charles Johnson multiple things - look down the left sidebar
Eric at Classical Values quote of the day: "It's our country, and if it's worth defending against hurricanes, it's even more worth defending against terrorism."
Capt. Ed "...I discovered that the so-called outpouring of global sympathy in the wake of these attacks was a myth."
Da Goddess "Go hug someone you love today and thank the heavens you live in a country that answers the call for help."
Beth at MVRWC good quotes and knockout pics
Chris Muir Heh.
Hugh Hewitt "Heroes of the Long War"
Thanks to Mustang 23 for the WTC pic at the top.

UPDATE Jeff Harrell does a yeoman's job of finding those other 9/11 "remembrances."

Posted by Darleen at September 11, 2005 09:39 AM


That is such a beautiful shot of the trade towers!!

One thing I find the most tragic about it is the idea that these were not soldiers who went to fight in a war, but ordinary Americans going off to do the right thing--work for a living. I was in a state of shock when it happened, but since getting married and starting work in NYC, it hits me even more for some reason. Probably because I'm a worrier in general, but I can't even imagine the pain and anguish of your husband, wife, sister, best friend, etc. going off to work one morning, then you get the call that afternoon that says they are never coming home again.

Or you don't hear anything, and you're up into the night wondering where they are, why they didn't come home, and if they are alive or perhaps trapped in debris somewhere.

That of course is just the emotional end of 9/11--then there is the whole political aspect of it. When dealing with bullies, you have to show the bully that you are strong and will not "take it" from them anymore. Al Qaeda is a bully, and sitting back makin' peace and love while doing nothing to fight terror--as many on the left want--will only show Bin Laden and Co. that they CAN take over our country and destroy our freedom.

I do hope that we resolve things in Iraq soon, but the whole "war is not the answer" camp makes no sense when your country has been attacked.

Posted by: Marian at September 24, 2005 11:49 AM