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August 27, 2005

From Marionette to real American Doll - with UPDATE

Jeff Goldstein explores the Politics of Grief and in the comments, Chris comes up with a phrase (via Steve at Hog On Ice) that just cries out for Photoshopping

Click for larger view

UPDATE Never let it be said that Cindy misses a beat to add to her list of assinine and indecent statements -- now she's attacking moms who disagree with 'Mother' Sheehan

How can these moms who still support George Bush and his insane war in Iraq want more innocent blood shed just because their sons or daughters have been killed? I don't understand it. I don't understand how any mother could want another mother to feel the pain we feel. I am starting to lose a little compassion for them. I know they have been as brainwashed as the rest of America, but they know the pain and heartache and they should not wish it on another. However, I still feel their pain so acutely and pray for these "continue the murder and mayhem" moms to see the light.
What a fucking bitch.

Posted by Darleen at August 27, 2005 04:16 PM



"Our Lady of the Moonbats, bless me for I have thought... er, sinned...er, thought, ...whatever."

Posted by: Claire at August 27, 2005 05:52 PM

How obnoxious. If I could channel Casey Sheehan (like Michelle Malkin can) I would say that he would be offended by the way his mother is being portrayed these days....

Posted by: Brad at August 27, 2005 08:54 PM

Then I guess he would be offended by his mom herself, since she's the one who has made the choice to associate with Code Pink, traitor/convict Lynne Stewart, Moveon, et al.

Casey made his own views known when he both enlisted, then RE-enlisted.

I feel so sorry for Casey's dad, to lose both his son then watch his soon-to-be-ex-wife publically destroy any shred of dignity and decency she may have once held.

Posted by: Darleen at August 27, 2005 10:21 PM

Here's what it looks like to me.

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf at August 27, 2005 11:55 PM

Wow, Neil, li'l o Mommy Sheehan is there by her lonesome?

Or is it more like this? And this, too.

Oh, DO try and make excuses for Mommy's support of Lynn Stewart. THIS I gotta hear.

Posted by: Darleen at August 28, 2005 12:07 AM

It looks like more and more moms are agreeing with Cindy Sheehan every day.... They all seem to be waiting for Mr. Bush to offer up his daughters to the cause before they encourage their kids to enlist.

Posted by: Jim at August 28, 2005 02:34 PM

Jim, don't even know where to begin with you... that's some freaky correlation there, people "offering up" their kids = support for the WOT. That must be on the enlistment forms, eh? Parental consent notification for the left.

Posted by: tee bee at August 29, 2005 03:28 PM

- G_d help me and mine if I ever get to the point I'm so chick-livered that I'm forced to rationalize any way I can to simply dodge the idea of fighting for my family and country. That must be one shitty feeling when you know you're that cowardly. You don't deserve the family and blessings you have if you're that much of a wuss, and afraid of fighting for them. Just don't know how these people can look themselves in the mirror, but if you watch them you can see the guilt is eating them up. Their public displays of everything anti-American, and vicious hateful mouths, is obvious to any 6 year old. Maybe the "elites" are simply a case of arrested development, and self loathing.

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at September 1, 2005 04:51 AM