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August 06, 2005

Catching up

I went back to work yesterday, feeling much better -- until I got a look at my desk. Stood looking in stunned silence as the profanity rolled through my brain. Then I got home last night to find I was on twin duty for the whole evening. I love those little guys, but they did not want to go to sleep last night, so I'm bribing them into silence with cereal bars so I could watch Battlestar Galactica.

Almost 24 hours without touching my computer. Wow. ;-)

Cassandra at Villianous Company caught my attention with her Conservatives who support the Gay Judge Roberts.

The half-vast editorial staff thinks John Roberts is pretty, too. And though we rather doubt he is gay, if he is, that's just fine with us. Frankly, we don't give a damn.

He'll be in good company. After all, there's some pretty underwhelming evidence from the Left that W is gay, but durnitall, we voted for him anyway.

You go, girlfriend! Republicans put the first woman on the SCOTUS and it'll spike a few crackpipes of the Left when the "O'Connor chair" goes to the first gay.

I again find myself with little or nothing to add to a fine Jeff Harrell post. Blair's shot across the bow of the radical moslems in Britian is, indeed, a "Patriot Act" moment. I've always noted with amusement that the most histrionic claims about PA cannot be sourced. I've actually read some of PA (not all... the legalese is the best sleep inducer since a sheetshredding orgasm, with none of the fun) and I can't find all those black helicopter licenses I keep hearing about.

I'm ambivalent about Hiroshima's marking the anniversay of the bombing. The ceremony had doves and silence and a ringing bronze bell. I have no problem with respectful remembrance of the dead. But in reading the article there is absolutely no sense that those "remembering" have a clue on why Hiroshima or Nagasaki were bombed. It seems to exist in hermetically-sealed isolation, cutoff from all historical context. Very worrisome.

Jeremy Corbyn, a lawmaker in the governing Labour Party and vocal anti-war campaigner, urged people to remember the "unique horror" of what happened in 1945.
And Corbyn is the type of Leftist whore who refuses to acknowledge that this was not "unique." Such a view might interfere with his anti-American agenda (he's on the steering committee of Stop the War ... a lovely group of people whose response to 3000 Americans slaughtered on 9/11 was to immediately organize to blame America for the event.)

Posted by Darleen at August 6, 2005 09:58 AM


Republicans put the first woman on the SCOTUS and it'll spike a few crackpipes of the Left when the "O'Connor chair" goes to the first gay.

Heh... never thought of it that way.

Posted by: Cassandra, snarking from the sidelines at August 6, 2005 11:10 AM

Just so you know, Wonkette thinks everyone is gay, including John Edwards. So if you're going to claim the first gay Supreme Court Judge, we get the first gay VP candidate.

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf at August 8, 2005 08:22 PM