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June 07, 2005

Iraq's 'insurgency' -- anything but

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Of all the arguments I run across on the Left-side of the blogsphere, one of the strangest deals with Iraq's insurgency. The killing of Americans and other Iraqs is dismissed when done by insurgents. The Left imbues them with a moral cachet -- after all, they are just native Iraqis fighting the invader and occupier, right? Were not the French resisting the Nazi's insurgents?

My answer is, no, they are less the French Resistance and more representative of the German Resistance -- the Werewolves who launched attacks, post WWII, against Americans and other Germans.

In addition, much of the Iraq insurgency doesn't even involve Iraqis, but a myriad of Islamists from well outside Iraq's borders.

Wednesday's edition of the Washington Post runs an important article on the Syrian connection.

For more than two years, by his [Abu Ibrahim] own detailed account, the slightly built, shabbily dressed 32-year-old father of four has worked diligently to shuttle other young Arab men into Iraq, stocking the insurgency that has killed hundreds of U.S. troops and thousands of Iraqis.

The stream of fighters -- most of them Syrians, but lately many of them Saudis, favored for the cash they bring -- has sustained and replenished the hardest core of the Iraq insurgency, and supplied many of its suicide bombers. Drawn from a number of Arab countries and nurtured by a militant interpretation of Islam, they insist they are fighting for their vision of their faith.

Regardless of the rhetoric that if America were just more understanding or more accepting of Islam, all would be pink bunnies and fluffy clouds, the reality is starkly different. Islamists don't even consider the wishes of Iraq citizens legitimate if they deviate from the Islamist goals.
Few other details of Abu Ibrahim's account could be verified independently. But the structure of the human smuggling organization he described was consistent with the assessments of U.S. and Iraqi officials who closely study Syria's role in the insurgency.

Those interviews also echoed earlier accounts of Iraqi insurgents, including descriptions of the role of a Syrian cleric known as Abu Qaqaa in promoting a holy war, or jihad, against the West.

Understand? It's not about OIL.
Their goal ... is restoration of the Islamic caliphate, the system that governed Muslims before the rise of nation states. Abu Ibrahim said he regarded Afghanistan during the Taliban rule as one of the few true Islamic governments since the time of Muhammad.

"The Koran is a constitution, a law to govern the world," he said.

I am at a loss why I keep encountering people who willfully dismiss such pronouncements, who refuse to allow any of their thoughts to dwell on the ideology of a people that would happily, and with relish, wipe them out.

If you really rub their noses in it a usual response is "yeah, right, as IF anyone is going to invade the US and set up a Islamic theocracy."

No, I don't expect that. But that doesn't preclude such people from perpetuating attacks on Americans and American interests worldwide and even bringing the attacks on American soil yet again.

Abu Ibrahim said. "But September 11 gave us the media coverage. It was a great day. America was defeated. ..."

Two weeks after the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon, the group felt bold enough to celebrate in public in Aleppo with a "festival," as it was called, featuring video of hand-to-hand combat and training montages of guerrillas leaping from high walls.

Jihad was being allowed into the open. Abu Ibrahim said Syrian security officials and presidential advisers attended festivals, one of which was called "The People of Sham Will Now Defeat the Jews and Kill Them All."

NOTICE it's not "defeat Israel and Sharon" or "Help our brothers in Palestine." It is about wiping out the JEWS. I don't know how to make it any clearer, to say it with anymore force. We truly are in the midst of a Clash of Civilizations -- between a modern world, America at the forefront, with a value system that celebrates the sovereignty of the individual and eagerly embraces modernism -- and then confronts an anti-human ideology wrapped in religious trappings, that yearns for a return to a 4th century existence, with a collectivist-sovereignty core. They are NOT...repeat...NOT interested in compromise, negotiation or co-existence.
Anyone -- Christian, Jew, Sunni, Shiites -- whoever cooperates with the Americans can be killed. It's a holy war.
Yes, it is. The issue at hand -- identifying who is on what side.

Posted by Darleen at June 7, 2005 09:09 PM


"The killing of Americans and other Iraqs is dismissed when done by insurgents."

Huh? What gives you that idea? I haven't seen anything to indicate that at least.

On the other hand, the killing of Americans and other Iraqis is constantly dismissed by the right, no matter who kills them. When was the last time you saw someone from the administration express concern about the rising number of casualties?

The "insurgency" (bad word, I agree) needs to be dealt with, preferrably by killing and capturing everyone involved. The US needs to bring in MORE troops, not less, to try and finish this thing off. But I doubt that will happen. Bush got us into this mess, and so far the only good thing that's come out of it is that Saddam Hussein is no longer the leader of Iraq. I hope more good things come out of it, but there seems to be only more resistance and hatred. I know our troops are doing whatever they can to fight this war, and I wish them the best... It just makes me incredibly sad because they shouldn't even have been sent there in the first place.

Posted by: Mike at June 8, 2005 07:42 AM

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