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June 08, 2005

Burying 9/11

Within days of the Islamist act of war upon the United States some of the usual members of the American Left tried to dismiss it as America's fault. They decried the impromptu street memorials, the display of American flags and what they deemed as jingoism speeches and articles of patriotic unity.

And it looks like the Left is going to have the last laugh on the rest of us.

The World Trade Center Memorial will break ground this year. When those Marines return in 2010, the year it is scheduled to open, no doubt they will expect to see the artifacts that bring those memories to life. They'll want a vantage point that allows them to take in the sheer scope of the destruction, to see the footage and the photographs and hear the personal stories of unbearable heartbreak and unimaginable courage. They will want the memorial to take them back to who they were on that brutal September morning.

Instead, they will get a memorial that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the yearning to return to that day. Rather than a respectful tribute to our individual and collective loss, they will get a slanted history lesson, a didactic lecture on the meaning of liberty in a post-9/11 world. They will be served up a heaping foreign policy discussion over the greater meaning of Abu Ghraib and what it portends for the country and the rest of the world

More than 3 1/2 years ago we were subjected to one of the worst attacks on American soil in our history. But where are the films from Hollywood? Where are the documentaries running on the anniversary with all the film of the jets slamming into the WTC, the people running through the streets, the dust boiling with such ferocity it became a living, malevolent creature?
The public will be confused at first, and then feel hoodwinked and betrayed. Where, they will ask, do we go to see the September 11 Memorial? The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation will have erected a building whose only connection to September 11 is a strained, intellectual one. While the IFC is getting 300,000 square feet of space to teach us how to think about liberty, the actual Memorial Center on the opposite corner of the site will get a meager 50,000 square feet to exhibit its 9/11 artifacts, all out of sight and underground. Most of the cherished objects which were salvaged from Ground Zero in those first traumatic months will never return to the site. There is simply no room. But the International Freedom Center will have ample space to present us with exhibits about Chinese dissidents and Chilean refugees. These are important subjects, but for somewhere -- anywhere -- else, not the site of the worst attack on American soil in the history of the republic.
The Left is burying the history of 9/11. It is immoral. It is simply unconcionable, almost beyond words.

hattip Jay Tea at Wizbang -- he has many related links

Posted by Darleen at June 8, 2005 07:12 AM


Only if we let them...

That's the beauty of freedom in America. You can, when you get your house, put up your own memorial in your front yard, if you want.

And, Happy B-day, a little bit late!

Posted by: Sal at June 8, 2005 08:00 AM

The attempt of the "Right" to demonize an imaginary "Left" by constantly invoking 9/11 is a truly disgusting spectacle.

Posted by: Thersites at June 8, 2005 10:49 PM

Your attempt to try to sound "intelligent" by using quotation "marks" is a truly disgusting spectacle as well. Also in your comment are you implying that the Left does not exist? They're imaginary? Hmmm...I think Kos or Dean or Hillary would certainly refute that yes, they do exist.

Posted by: jody at June 9, 2005 07:00 AM

There is no American "left", at least not one with any influence. If you think Hillary or Dean is "left" you need to expand your horizons.

Posted by: Mike at June 9, 2005 08:08 AM

- It won't do the galloping gaggle of out-dated utopianists of any stripe, Marxist, Lenonist, Communist, Socialist, or just plain "Slackist" any good, no matter how hard they try to remake history. When all the Kum-byah slitherbrains wake up in the morning, the Jihadists that have survived so far, will still be planning new and better ways to kick in their doors and repay their misguided gulibilty by making sure their's are the first heads to watch the sunrise cleaved from their necks.

Posted by: Big Bang Hunter at June 9, 2005 11:47 PM

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