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December 07, 2004

Racism at Yale ... who knew?

Late last night I ran across an article that I have to take my time in writing about. I know it's kind of a "dog bites man" to see yet another article where the author is actually proud of her racism but she pretties up her language so well and she's so young that I feel I really need to go through it point by point. I'm almost at a "tsk tsk" moment that someone with obvious brains has let herself be willingly shackled to the shibboleth of "the personal is the political" by professors who have never grown out of the sixties.

I ran across that article at Power Line where a reader writes about what I can only call the Sovietization of the American University system.

Oops... maybe that's the wrong analogy ... Dayo would sneer at anything so "rusty" ... So how about the mullahocracy that controls the classroom?

The reader at Power Line found the article fisked by Jamie Kirchick (a non-leftist gay man at Yale... who lets himself in for quite a few brickbats with that.

Posted by Darleen at December 7, 2004 06:39 AM